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Tree climbing with bgoape

My new buddy!! 🐒


This time last week, I was working up a sweat, hanging in the trees, zip lining from one end to another and that was all thanks to joes blog and bgo. To celebrate the release of bgo KONG Online slot game, myself and a few other bloggers marched down to the North side of London; Enfield to Go Ape Adventure Trent Park for some extra curriculum, adrenalin pumping obstacle course of rope and tree climbing. My ideal way to spend my Sunday is far from what we got up to last week, I spend Sundays snogged up in bed working on some blog stuff or just simply relaxing watching movies, so I was very excited when I was contacted to take part in a monkey business.

The day started with some health and safety talk, with advice on what to do and not to do as we will pretty much be responsible for ourselves once we are set free into the forest. The phrase “always stay attached” was banged into our heads as it’s the number one safety rule! So I remain attached (literally!) for the next 2-3hrs. I see why it’s called “go ape” not only do you hang from trees like a monkey, the Tarzan rope will have your shouting all sort of monkey noise. I’ve never done anything thing like this before so I was equally as excited as I was nervous, but all that soon disappeared once I was geared up in my harness (to my surprise I looked good in a harness, my vain self thinking out loud). There are 5 stages to the obstacle course, the first stage sorts of ease you into it, it’s also know as the practice zone where you practice how to always ‘stay attached’. The further you go into the forest the higher, harder and challenging the course gets, after all my effing and blinding, screaming and shouting I managed to finish the course without losing an arm or leg or even my weave!! 😂😂😂😂

My fear of Height & speed was conquered today! 🐒🐵🙈


This is my “scared of height” look 😂😂😂 I am really ready for this! 🐒🐵

 To get to the end of the course you have to brace yourself and go through all sorts of drills that include Tarzan swings, cargo net climbing, swinging bridge walking and walking across suspended logs and ropes. I kept telling myself ‘I can’t do this’ as we approached the highest stage but with the help of beibeifit, chynna and Monica I was able to go for it and swing the cheeky monkey out of myself!

#ActionShot 📷 cc:Hermione my @Kurlyklips survived the force of the #ZipLine 😳😀👌


And then the tree climbing begun! 🐒🐵


making face with @beibeifit


With my fellow #cheekymonkeys Monica and Chynna looking fab after all that screaming, dangling and unwarranted wedgies 😂😂😂🙈 🐒🐵


When we completed the course, we marched (we done a lot of ‘marching that day) down to the café where we had a much-needed cup tea to calm our shattered nerves and have a go at the Kong: The 8th Wonder slot game, which was rather relaxing compare to what we’ve been up to a few hours ago. The game is very addictive, it’s makes your want to win more and more, we played free spin to see who could win the most money in a timed competition (I kept losing money), the soundtrack is very dramatic and uplifting, I just kept spinning so I could hear it over and over.

Kong: The 8th Wonder slot game, I won £0.50! How exciting?


and of course Verne Troyer was present


Go Ape is a great place for team building, and confident building. With great words of encouragements from friends/ family or even colleagues you find yourself doing some crazy stuff you never though you could do, so I recommend it for anyone who wants that or simply just want to monkey around and seeks some adventure on higher grounds (in the trees).

It was such a fun day and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, the predicted rain didn’t ruin things as it was a no-show (Thank God for that). I will definitely consider Go Ape again not only it’s fun, it’s a great workout too!

Thanks Joes Blog,  bgo and Go Ape Trent Park for the fulfil day, I can now tick Tarzan swings off my list.

our sign of approval 😎👌🏾 I am officially a #cheekymonkey 🐒🐵 #GoApe certified!

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    October 19, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    Impressive hangtime out there! You’ve done well pretending not ‘scared’ of heights, too.
    (I wonder how ‘Mini-Me’ would fare on the tarzan swings?)

    Manik Makina | That MM Blog

    • Reply
      October 20, 2015 at 5:48 am

      I did pretty damn well innit!? Hahahaha I think ‘mini me’ will hang-on to a branch 😂😂 thanks for stopping by xx

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