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The Ultimate Fix

When my nails are not painted, I feel naked and feel like my outfit is not complete without a good manicure. And because I like changes, I like to paint my nails every week or sometimes twice a week (if I have the time) but I hate waiting for it to dry and I also hate when my manicure gets ruined due to my impatience so I wait! Sometimes as long as 1hr just to make sure it’s safe to do things (fresh manicure + rush rush = smudge, smudge). There are so many products out there promoting long-lasting manicure, chip resistance and high shine but must usually fail to live up to what it says on the tin, but with The Ultimate Fix by Beauty Narcotix you get exactly what it says it will do! This product has been around for a while now and is going strong, I was recently introduced to it and thought I give it a go and I’m totally loving it. The Ultimate Fix helps your manicure stay on longer, chip free and shiny throughout, it also make your manicure dry quickly which is a plus for me as I’m always rushing to get my manicure done Sunday night and stay up for it to dry, but all that is old news with The Ultimate Fix. To get the full effect you spray on each layer of paint from about 30-40cm away from the nails from base coat to top coat to fix your manicure. The Ultimate Fix comes in two sizes, a purse size 50ml that treats used up-to 12 manicure at £9.50 and a 200ml size that treats up-to 50 manicure and retails at £17, the product is a tad pricy but look on the bright side your mani last longer and saves you time having to redo because of one chip.

The Ultimate Fix Nail Spray is available to buy on Beauty Narcotix website and at Selfridges




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    Marina Nelson
    November 23, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Can’t say I’ve heard of it but I too have gotten so annoyed with the smudging. I always hav to make sure I’ve done EVERYTHING before doing my nails, and then having a hot shower. For me that helps dry the damn thing!

    I did buy a cheap nail spray though but still yet to use it. I hope it works like yours, if not I’ll try your one!

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