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Party with UE BOOM by Ultimate Ears

As a music enthusiast, I believe music should be listened to with the best sound quality ever, to allow you to have the best experience and I’m sure everyone agrees with me. I listen to music pretty much all day, on my commute to work, at work and home (it’s helps me to relax). A bad speaker can ruin your music experience especially when it has no bass or any features to enhance the sound quality so I’m always on the lookout for good sound system with great sound quality. I’ve been testing out UE BOOM by Ultimate Ears; the first wireless Bluetooth 360o stereo speaker with a 15 hours playtime with a rechargeable battery. This portable but mighty speaker is so versatile that you can literally take it anywhere with you and start a party anywhere, whether you’re with your friends or you’re like me and have a one man party. The UE BOOM speaker is a social music player made to help you party and play the music you love, out loud with no restrictions. It’s designed to make the most of digital music’s convenience, while making it less of a solitary experience. What makes the UE BOOM cool is that it works with an app that one can download for free on IOS and Android called UE BOOM to get access to some really cool extra features like Double Play – making the speaker even louder than it is by connecting to two speakers, you also have the five-band equalizer in the newest update to custom-tune your UE BOOM. Set the sound and the speaker will remember the setting. You can also use the UE BOOM as an alarm that works even when it’s switched off and the app gets updated regularly with new features. The UE BOOM comes in different colours, so you can choose the colour that suits your personality. The design of the UE BOOM is stylish but at the same time durable to the point where it can pretty much withstand any obstacle due to its plasma coated finish that is water and stain resistant. The battery life of the UE BOOM last up to 15hours on a full charge, but of course that depends on how often you use it. And to find out how much battery life you have left, all you do is push the huge UP (+) and DOWN () button together and a voice over will tell you how much juice you’ve got left (Cool huh!?). The UE BOOM will make a great Xmas present for the tech savvy or someone who simply loves listening to music like me. It’s a really good investment at £169, you can really throw a reasonable sized party with this bad boy and as it is the party season, why not give it a try!








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