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ORS Straightening & Strengthening Treatment

My hair is natural under all that ‘protective styles’ that I do i.e. Weave, wigs, braids etc. As I have a very coarse hair, I don’t like to leave it out as I find it hard to keep up and I will be pushed to just chopping it off like I did 2 years ago. I put my hair in protective styles mainly because I can’t be bothered to do anything to it and because the weather can be very harsh on the hair. My day job does not give me enough time to do thing to my hair as I hardly get time to fix my hair in the morning so I’m always going for the easiest option; brush, spray done! When I do have my natural hair out, I usually have a blow out or have it straighten (at the salon) so that it will be easy to style, but because I don’t really like using heat on my hair all the time and I’m quite hesitant when it comes to ‘treatments’ that claim to straighten your curls permanently or temporary. So when I came across ORS Straightening & Strengthening Treatment when I was approached by a rep in my local hair shop, I was sold on the positive review it was getting. So I put it to the test, and I am absolutely SOLD on it!

ORS Straightening & Strengthening Treatment is a 3 steps at home treatment that straightens, strengthens and smooth even the most toughest afro hair to be more manageable, with body and shine hair. It reduces dryness, control fizz, and allows you to enjoy straight hair without giving up your curls permanently as you can get your curls back in one wash. The treatment last up to 4-6weeks depending on how often you wash your hair after you’ve had the treatment done. After one or two you can reactivate the treatment simply by blowing out your hair and then lock-in the treatment by straightening your hair with hair straightener. The treatment process is a very quick one that lasts up to 1hr depending on how long your hair is, I have a medium size hair so it took me about 1hr to get it done.


 Step 1: Use Clarifying Shampoo
Saturate hair thoroughly with warm water.

Apply (A) clarifying Shampoo and work into a rich lather.

Manipulate gently to avoid excessive tangling.

Rinse hair.

Repeat as necessary to remove dirt, oil and product residue.

Towel blot hair. DO NOT COMB HAIR!

Note: Clarifying Shampoo may cause hair to tangle easily until Foam Activator is applied.

Step 2: Use Foam Activator

Using a wide tooth comb, comb product from ends to scalp to detangle hair then part hair into four even sections.

Beginning in the back section, apply 2-4 pumps of (B) Foam Activator to hair from scalp to ends.

Comb product from ends to scalp to distribute evenly. Note: More product may be needed to coat the hair depending on the hair’s texture and density.

Cover hair with a plastic cap and process. Fine Hair (9) Minutes, Medium Hair (12) Minutes and Coarse Hair (15) Minutes. DO NOT USE HEAT!

Step 3: Use Seal & Smooth Leave-In Conditioner

Apply a nickel (2 cm) to a quarter size(2.5 cm) amount of the Seal & Smooth Leave-In Conditioner to the four sections, one section at a time.

Slightly more or less product may be required depending on the length and density of the hair.

Comb product through hair from scalp to ends. DO NOT RINSE HAIR!

Using small manageable sections proceed to blow dry hair.

Set flat iron to 340̊ to 410̊.

In small manageable sections, flat iron hair with no more than 3 passes of the iron to each section and style hair as usual.

I recommend ORS Straightening & Strengthening Treatment to anyone who is looking for a quick, temporary fix to enjoy bone-straight hair for a few weeks and don’t need to worry about causing damage to the hair from harsh chemicals and importantly not losing your precious curls. The only downer I have with this product is that it say on the box ‘one application’ meaning you can only use the kit once! even if your hair does not need all the products, I think you should at be able to reuse it otherwise you will be wasting a good amount of leftover product.

ORS Straightening & Strengthening Treatment is available online here and at your local hair shop, price very from £8.99

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