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This weather calls for a little reinforcement. A little TLC for the skin is just what the doctor ordered. So I clicked my fingers and nugg facial mask came to the rescue. Over the weekend I came to the conclusion that I deserve a treat for absolutely no reason. So I pampered myself to an at-home facial session with the help of nugg. I like doing my facials by myself because I know what works for my skin, what my skin likes, and what not to use on my skin.  After reading reviews on nugg facial mask, I thought I give it a try myself and see what all the rave is about as it’s all been good reviews.


I purchased this little capsules size facial mask online from Selfridges, it came in a set of 4 for £13. nugg creates high performance, prestige quality skin treatments that truly helps the skin without having you break an arm & leg for it.

As The Face Mask Authority™, it’s our mission to provide top quality skin treatments at affordable price points. We are fully committed to and enormously passionate about creating high-performance, prestige quality skin treatments that truly help your skin without breaking the bank.

nuggs cater for all skin types. Aging skin, dry and oily, combination skin, sensitive skin, so there’s something for everyone. They don’t only cater for the skin, they also have lip masks and eye masks. All their products are formulated with potent and beautiful blends of natural oils and extracts, produced without mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or colors; which is great to know that I am putting naturally derived ingredients on my skin.

I put the face mask to test and was really impressed with the result I got in just 3 use. Each face masks are packaged in practical single-serve pods which protect the product from oxidation and makes them perfect for on the go. But with that said, there’s a generous amount of product in each pod (a bit too much) that you can’t use all at one go, so it almost a waste of money because you have to bin it as the pod is not resealable.

Face Mask

nugg Deep Cleansing Face Mask

This provides a gentle yet deep cleansing for the face/skin. Giving an ultra clean and shine-free look with a smooth feel. It does not leave the skin feeling tight or dry at all. With the help of Jojoba Oil, it removes excess sebum and helps reduce the appearance of pores.  Aloe Juice soothes skin as Glycerin helps to soften dry areas – intense hydration allows other actives to perform as desired. Best use just right after working out, helps prevent sweat and dirt clogging up the pores. I saw an immediate improvement in the appearance of my skin, looks fresh and flawless. I followed with nügg revitalizing face mask.

nugg Revitalizing Face Mask

An antioxidant rich formula that plumps, revitalizes and nourishes the skin. It’s great for a natural-looking glow. It plumps dull, tired skin giving it a fresh dewy look. Place in the fridge before use to increase the cooling sensation of the peppermint extract. It’s so gentle but effective. For a quick radiant and energized feel for the skin nugg revitalizing face masks are the one!

nugg Hydrating Face Mask

This face mask provides intense nourishment for the dehydrated skin.  The inclusion of camellia oil supplements the skin’s lipid barrier layer to help retain moisture. Aloe Juice helps to soothe skin for a silky soft complexion.

I like to use this at night as right after using nugg’s Revitalizing Face Mask. I apply it to the face and neck area. Only a thin layer is needed, so when I applied too much, I simply use a damp cloth to remove any excess product.

I give it a 7/10 because it actually works, but won’t necessary say it great value for money as you end up throwing away some of the products due to the pods not being sealable.

For more about nugg mask visit www.nuggbeauty.com

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