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NOTW: “Mink Grey” Pix!

Good evening guys! i hope you all having a great weekend? and got some sunshine today?… (i got a little sunshine) but never mind, there’s apparently plenty more coming tomorrow. This week I decided to wear “Mink Grey” Pix!. I think this is such a cool colour. It definitely Mellows down my outfits compare to the bright colours i usually wear, i done a post in the past on a similar colour “The Naked Truth“, what i like about this colour is that its more of a darker nude compare to “The Naked Truth“. The nail paint is quick drying which is what i look for in nail paint. Quick dry and Full coverage! There’s nothing worse than waiting forever for your nails to dry when you could be doing other things with your time,With this nail paint, you don’t really need more than two coats to achieve the desired effect as it is a very rich coverage. It also has a nice glossy shine as you can see in the picture below. I didn’t use a top coat. You should try it! It worth having a look!




What do you think of the colour?

Are you a fan of Pix! nail paints?

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