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NIVEA is one of the most recognised and trusted skin and beauty care brands. Since 1911, the year NIVEA creme was born, they have been close to consumers; offering compelling, innovative products.

NIVEA set out to challenge women of all size in the UK to take part in their #DARETODIP. With some NIVEA care and support from their friends, women will feel confident enough in their skin to not only embrace the moment but also celebrate it. This summer, NIVEA challenges all women to join together and take part in a series of amazing bikini bare-alls throughout the summer with this campaign. The whole idea is to try and alleviate women’s fear of revealing their bikini bodies (as summer is fast approaching), the researchers found that women put great thought into their skincare regime as summer approaches, it started off in a spectacular open air dip in Covent Garden, London. Also at the event were Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) Aquabatique performing. I didn’t get to “dip” because I wasn’t prepared for it…rather I just chilled and watched the entertainmentšŸ˜œšŸ˜œ.

"Dare-To-Dip set at Covent Garden, London

“Dare-To-Dip set at Covent Garden, London

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Did you “Dare To Dip” ?

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