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My Ideal Blog Spot

My Ideal Blogging Spot
A popular topic on the Next Blogger Network notice board is ‘Blog Spot‘ -a place where we bloggers like to get creative. I spend most of my time in my room, on my bed so its only fair to say “My bed” is my “Blog spot”. Its were I sleep and where I become creative. I never want to get out of bed in the morning nor can I wait to get back in to it. I have the most comfortable bed ever (of course I would say that…its my bed!), soft, bouncy and covered in silk sheet (can’t get any better than that).
Ideally I wouldn’t want to “chill” or work in the same place is I sleep in, so my ideal Blog Spot is a cosy room featuring a Day bed, “jasmine and tigerlily” scented candle burning on the side, while the fire place is lit up, keeping the room warm (much needed warmth as it is winter). Day beds are increasingly being considered by people looking for an alternative sleep and design solution. After all, it inject a sense of style whilst also being very versatile in the limited space that a modern home can often be restricted to (my room!). Day beds can also be used as additional seating as well as bed frames. I’ve put together a Polyvore to show what I would like my Blog Spot to be, I‘ve also featured a few of my favourites from Next Homeware collection.
what do you think of my Blog Spot?

Tree home decor
£99-£140 – next.co.uk

Framed wall art
SOLD OUT – next.co.uk

Tree home decor
£30 – next.co.uk


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