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Lush Hot Oil Treatments 

The weather is getting colder and colder day by day and winter can be very brutal to the hair (natural or processed hair) if not looked after very well. I know a thing or two about damaged hair, I’ve been there done that when it comes to hairstyle whether it something to do with chemicals (relaxing) or going natural and simply not treating my hair regularly nor keeping it hydrated and moisturised, my excuse is “I just don’t have the time for it” (Not really a good one is it?), so with the ‘Natural hair’ being very ‘trendy’ right at the moment (we were all natural once upon a time, so why the craze?) a lot of people/ natural sisters are boycotting salon treatment and taking on DIY at home treatments just by watching hours of YouTube videos and taking product recommendations from there.

I’ve been a huge fan of Lush for a while now, not just because the beautiful smell of their store draws you in from a good kilometres away, but all their products are FRESH and NATURAL! To make matter even greater Lush have introduce a whole new range for natural hair, they now have a wider range of hair care products suitable for Afro hair. I have put the Hot oil treatments to the test, the Hot oil treatments is something totally new to Lush and it’s making a big wave with everyone! The hot oil treatment consists of 3 very important treatments (Damaged hot oil treatment, Kinky hot oil treatment and Tangled hot oil treatment) that the hair requires to stay looking good and healthy. The whole range of the hot oil treatment works hand in hand, and if used religiously you will see great improvement with the texture and well-being of your hair.

I have used the Damage hot oil treatment and kinky hot oil treatment, and it has left my hair well moisturised and hydrated with define curl patterns.

The Hot Oil Treatments were inspired by hot chocolate on a stick, it’s a playful idea that doesn’t make the 5-10mins prep time a chores!

Damaged hot oil treatment – this oil pop is packed with extra virgin Olive (is known for moisturise and protecting factors), shine enhancing almond (rehydrating agent for the skin and hair) and avocado (very rich and conditioning) oils to replenish deeply and rehydrate dry and thirsty mane. It will revive the most ‘damaged’ hair from the very first use, it revived mine and left my hair feeling soft and hydrated.

Kinky Hot oil treatment – this treatment hydrates curly hair, with protective lanolin to strengthen natural curls, this restorative treatment delivers intense moisture without diminishing the bounce and volumes of the hair. The key ingredients in this are vetivert oil (known for restorative and relaxing), rosewood oil for antiseptic and uplifting, ylang ylang for exotic scent. It leaves the hair “enviously silky” with hydrated curls.

Tangled hot oil treatment – a pre-wash Peruvian rosewood and ylang ylang treatment to tame tangles. Just like Damaged and kinky hot oil treatment, the creamy mix of softening, strengthening oils increase tensile strength and allow you to easily comb.

Some may say the process/prep of the hot oil treatment is messy, but I say if you make a cup of tea without making a big mess, then you can certainly mix up this creamy thingy. As long as you follow the given instructions, then the process will be a walk in the park.

Instructions: Place the treatment into a small/medium container (think of it as you are making a cuppa) then slowly add a small amount of hot water to the solid treatment and begun to stir gently until it melts. Add more water if needed depending on how big the solid treatment you want to use, stir gently until the mix is thicken and melted completely into a creamy texture, once that’s done then you apply to dry hair and leave to seat in for 20mins to allow the product to get to work before shampooing leaving you hair hydrated, soft and replenished.

The hot hair treatments is available online or at your nearest Lush store for £6.50 each ( not bad for a quick fix!). Have you tried any of the hot oil treatments by Lush? if you have what do you think of it? comment below

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    Marina Nelson
    January 31, 2016 at 10:24 am

    I had no clue LUSH did black beauty! How long do you leave the treatments on for? I need a good hour…

    • Reply
      February 15, 2016 at 2:06 pm

      yes ooo they do and it works wonders on the hair, I left it on for 20mins xxx

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