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Le Chandelier

I feel like this week went by so quick, it probably because I had two days off work…I think it would be great if we have 3 days of weekend and Monday should be one of them! Monday comes too quick! and I’m like is it Monday already? Why is Monday almost
here, already!? enough with my rant, we just have to get on with it as time don’t wait for no one. I really had great weekend, I spent
my Saturday with the best brother in the whole wide world (like literally he’s the best) and one of my closest friend Princess (Yes
her name is Princess). As we haven’t seen each other in a while (busy with life) we decided to meet up for Afternoon tea/Brunch and
catch up on life. We met up at one of our favourite spot Le Chandelier in East Dulwich, this place is one of my favourite place to go for brunch and afternoon tea. I’ve visited a few times in the past and I’ve received a warm welcome from the friendly and attentive staff each time. Le Chandelier is a Tea house, Café-Resturant in a Salon Tradition, it offers tea, pastries, Viennoiserie, and breakfast menu, afternoon tea menu, lunch and dinner menus. It’s best for it choice of teas from family owned farms in India, China, Taiwan and Japan (what more can one ask for). I find the quality of food, cakes, tea and coffee exceptional. The decor, ambience, seating and crockery are all delightful. I’m always leaving feeling refreshed and full! hence their slogan “…You’ll leave feeling REFRESHED and INSPIRED. can’t wait to go back…” and I’m literally like that every time I visit. The service can be a little slow sometimes but I blame that on the food being freshly cooked and we do order a lot to be fair. I highly recommend Le Chandelier as it’s the perfect place for those who want a special place to catch up with friends or family or simply those that enjoy to sit alone and chill to the mellow music playing softly in the background while sipping on some good tea! My favourite tea is the Moroccan mint tea which I go for every time I go and it simply the best! Princess went for the more herbal option the Whole Peppermint leaf, and my brother kept it safe and went for the Traditional English tea. We had a lovely evening.
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