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It’s Xmas Eve!!!

It’s that time of the year …it’s the day before Christmas Christmas Eva!!! Last minute shopping being done, presents being wrapped up, Christmas Decorations being put up, family members arriving from the four corners of the earth, kids bursting of excitement, can’t wait to open their Christmas present, getting their list ready to be ticked off. ooh how I wish I was a kid again, everything was a lot easier, mummy marinading the chicken, turkey defrosting ready to be put in the oven in the morning to be devowed at dinner, teenagers getting their Christmas outfit ready, grandparents just sitting watch everyone fuss around ( and they’re reminiscing on their days and giving thanks to God). That’s Christmas for you, eat more than you can take (tell yourself you will lose weight in the New Year.lies). In a few hours it will be Christmas! We will all be rejoicing, Mingling, chitchatting , swapping gifts with our loved ones. Remember to drink responsibly.😊😊😊

I wish you all a Merry Christmas



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