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Hello 2013


Dear 2013,
I pray the opportunities you grant me greatly exceed 2013. I am completely clueless as to what obstacles, triumphs, and blessings you hold for me, but I pray you provide me with the tools, resources, knowledge, and people to help me push past any bullshit (excuse my french) that stands in my way. Realistically speaking, Life its self is not struggle-free, but I plan to sit back and take a patient glance at all factors in a situation to lead me to conclude that life could be worse. I plan to chase after my own dreams and disregard any unsupportive opinions in or outside my family. I plan to exude more confidence than ever before in order to achieve my potential and reach my peak. I plan to utilise my talents and take more risks. I plan to take better care of myself and not allow stress to weigh my brain and body down to the point of danger. I pray that you will bring me closer to the present people in my life and sift out the ones who are poisonous to my success. I hope you help me not to forget the past, but to stop letting it affect the way I’m living now. I have a lot of hopes for you, I’m expecting very much, surprise me, not disappoint me.
ROLL – ON 2013!!!!

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