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Freya Lingerie for Valentine

Wearing matching underwear gives me the feeling that I’ve got my life together even when it seems like it’s not. And as Valentine’s day is like 13 days away, I thought it would be a great idea to make a few recommendations to you guys to help narrow down your search for the right lingerie set for this ‘special day’. If is to impress your other half or simply just a treat to yourself, just because it Valentines (I fall into that category, you are not alone). Freya Lingerie has been my go-to since my top part decided to grow bigger without me or my bank accounts approval. And as you know lingerie is expensive already, so for us plus size bra wearers, we have to pay double price to get the right fit and support when it comes to bra fitting.

As a busty female, I can’t just get my bra from anywhere or any shop because most shops only go up to a DD or E cup size and if they do go up to a G cup size it will be the not so sexy, granny looking style (no shade to the grannies).

So this is where Freya comes in. A UK lingerie brand that offers sexy, fun and fashionable lingerie without compromising on fit and size (their main focus is to get the fit right!). Thier size range is very vast, from the smallest cup size to the fuller cup sizes. Not only do they have a great range of sizes for all, they have really pretty and feminine bras that will certainly make you feel like a lady this Valentines and any other day of the year!

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