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Four Shades of Red

Red is my favourite lip colour when it comes to lipstick, I’ve got many shades of red lipstick in my stash and I’m always looking out for a new shade of red. I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to share with you guys the L’Oréal limited edition Collective Exclusive, when the L’Oréal Pure Red collection launched sometime late last year I wanted to get my hands on them so badly, but every time I go to the shops to buy they are always sold out so I gave up on them, but to my surprise it was given to my for Xmas present by my very good mate OndoLady.
As red is the colour of ‘Love’ and we are in February the ‘month of Love’ I think the time is right I showcase IT! The PURE RED exclusive collection is a tailor-made red lip colour that’s has shades for every skin tone. It’s a matte texture that is very pigmented and has a high red colour intensity, it’s very hydrating unlike other matte lipsticks out there that leaves your lips chapped and very dry, jojoba oil in it helps with this process. The texture of the lipstick is superb, as it apply easily on the lips and feel really light weight. Although it’s meant to be ‘matte’ it has enough moist in it to help the keep the lips stay hydrated, its feels very creamy almost velvety which make it wear longer.

The collection consists of 4 custom-made shades of red that are named after your favourite celebrities (leading ladies) of different skin tone. ‘Blake’, ‘Eva’, ‘Liya’, and ‘Julianne’ each of which is created to suit every woman. It comes in a really luxurious looking leather feel case, and the actual lipstick is a bullet shaped with a pointy end which really comes handy in getting precision for those who don’t really use lip liner.


– Blake’s red is a pure ruby-red is designed to suit warm skin tones. It’s more of a cooler red that’s not too bright nor dull. It’s my favourite!

– Eva’s red is a pure brick-red. It has the most shine out the four shades, great shade for a classic look. And I feel it’s more for night life wear.

– Julianne’s red is a pure berry red that is designed to suit cool skin tones. It’s has a hint of orange undertone and really stands out on the lips, it’s the brightest in the collection.

– Liya’s red is a pure scarlet red with a hint of pink. It’s my second favourite.

L’Oréal Red Lipstick Collection is available at Boots for £6.99 and is on offer for 2 for £12

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