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DHC Launches Resveratrol range

As you all know already that am a huge fan of DHC (looking back at my previous post), because their product suit my skin and works really well for me and ever since I’ve been introduced to DHC a while back, I have incorporated at least on product in my daily skin care routine.

When I see anything with ‘anti-ageing’ my brain automatically says , “NO! that’s what my mom should be using, not me” but it’s not always like that, from the age of 24/25 onwards some sort of anti-ageing products should be used as part of your everyday or once a week routine as it doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting old but you are persevering, maintaining and enhancing what you have for the long run.

The Resveratrol ranges launched back in July and I’ve put it to the test. I got back from my 10 days holiday break from Croatia and I was very excited to come back home to some new beauty products by DHC, it was just what I needed;  with all the sun exposure in Croatia, I needed something that will help maintain my summer youthful glow. Resveratrol is a highly potent antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes and when applied topically, it improves tissues, supports the skins natural moisture barriers and protects against environmental damages. It’s also a phytoalexin, one of 600 microbial compounds produced by plants to protect them from adverse conditions including UV Rays. So I can see why DHC thought it would be good idea and developed the Resveratrol 3-steps skin care system which includes a high concentration of this wonder Ingredient.

The range includes a hydrating toner, super-booster and rich moisturiser, DHC’s Resveratrol products can be layered for maximum results. Unlike other powerful anti-ageing ingredients like retinal, Resveratrol is non-irritating, fragrance-free, paraben-free and is suitable for even sensitive skin just like other DHC products.

· Resveratrol Lotion  is an ultra-hydrating toner which makes skin smoother and more resilient. The powerful properties of resveratrol, combined with cereal extracts, help to boost skins natural moisture barrier and protect against environmental damage. The light, water-like texture allows for rapid absorption into the skin and prepare it for booster and moisturiser.

· Resveratrol Essence is a deeply hydrating super booster which reduces the appearance of fine lines for a smoother skin. Simply pat the serum into cleansed and toned skin prior to moisture.

· Resveratrol Cream is an intensive, age-defying moisturiser with a thick, luxurious texture. As well as providing total hydration for a more ‘plumped’ looking skin, the cream boosts the skins natural moisture barrier.

The DHC Resveratrol range are priced at £43 each, which is a reasonable price for an anti-ageing product of its kind with great beneficial compare to other brands. So I think it’s a great investment that won’t make too much hole in your pocket.

DHC Resveratrol range is available online and selected DHC products are also available at amazon, feel unique,  escentual and leading stores including John Bell & Croydon, fenwickSelfridges, and BeautyMART.

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