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Dear 2012

Dear 2012,
You started off great! then gradually declined until you knocked me to the rock bottom according to my discretion. The journey you placed me on was one hell of a test that I almost didn’t pass. You tried my patience, determination, spiritual faith, responsibility, morals, academic progress, physical health, friendships, relationships, and every other emotion or piece of life between the lines. Thankfully, I can say that I’m still living, and therefore, victorious. Though I lost a couple of friends, family, opportunities, and a large amount of motivation, I gained even more insight, confidence, and respect for myself. I learned the meaning of true friendship, the process of love and communication, realized my interests, and altered my ambitions. You brought a lot of things to my attention that I’ll be sure to take with me next year. You taught me independence and how to rely on myself. You taught me how important it is to express my feelings and ideas. You taught me how to plan ahead and take care of the things that will set me up for the future in case of a downfall. You taught me to not be so narrow-minded and careless. You taught me when it is and when it isn’t appropriate to let my guard down and allow someone to reach my heart, and you taught me how important prayer, forgiveness, and acceptance affects my daily life. Though you weren’t the best of years, I can honestly say you were the year in which I matured the most and I will be applying and considering every lesson I’ve learned from you into 2013.
Farewell, forever.

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