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Brighton Stagette Experience *

This time last week, I was making my way back to London with OndoLady from our rather eventful weekend/Saturday away to Brighton for a Stag/Stagette! Yes I know what you guys are thinking A stag? But stags are for the guys! I was lucky enough to be part of the 8 Bloggers who were invited to experience a Brighton Stag/Stagette by Eclipse Leisure. Eclipse Leisure is an organistation that host Stag and Hen parties/weekends all over the UK and Europe, so when I got invited to join Ellie, Lorna, Annie, Georgina, Gemma, Jayne and Ronke to Brighton I said Hell yeah!! I’ve been to Brighton once and when I mean once! It was like 5years ago on a school excursion to the University of Brighton and we didn’t get to see the beauty of the city (probably I was too young to understand the beauty of the city) so I was really excited to go as you guy can tell in my Brighton Survival Pack post. I’ve spent time with OndoLady many of times (we’re practically family) so going on this trip with her was a bonus, it was really nice meeting the other blogger from around London as we all share different view on things (as we discovered at the dinner table at Chaula,s). Before getting together we were told to pick a naughty nickname for one another, I picked OndoLady’s nickname which was her Blog name OndoLady (I kept it safe) and she chose ‘SweetTee” for me which I liked! I though it was cute (so me!) but the they other ladies nicknames was nicely put together (in my words, I would say creatively put together) there was Disneyvore, Princes Belle-end, Orgy Georgie, Spunk and Wet Dreams, Sticky Sambuca Face, and The Consumer very creative right!?

So we all made our way for the 51mins journey by train to brighton from various London loactions. We arrived at the Jurys Inn where we met Jamie our stag guide for the day, a quick introduction and we were given our t-shirts and we checked in to our rooms…upon arrival into our room was a complimentary bottle of rosé waiting for us, ooh nice what a great way to start the day and keep our spirits up, after a few cheeky glass of rosé we all head down to fully introduce ourselves and finally found out what activities we will be doing.

Go Karting! Jamie made a few jokes about what we will be doing and finally said we are going Go Karting! And briefed us on how the day would go. I was pretty excited; I’ve never been Go Karting so this was definitely new to me (I can’t drive to save my life lool). We arrived at the Go-karting place where we were briefed on the rule and regulations of the track, and given our racetrack attire. We had a 15mins test run round the tracks and another 15mins race, and in both races I came last! (remember I don’t drive and the adrenaline was too much for me). After go karting, we hopped back on the mini bus back to the Jury Inn where we had only 45mins to get ready and boy did we pull it off, 8 ladies with a time limit (it almost impossible).

All dressed and looking fabulous we hit the strip, last I checked we were meant to go bar crawling but we only went to one pub! (The Sussex Arms) were we had one drink, and was told that The Sussex Arm is one of the oldest pub in Brighton (interesting fact eh). Then we went off for dinner at the Chaula’s an India restaurant that looked more like a take-out joint than an restaurant, not only did we have to wait for about 1hr for each course to arrive, the service was also crap. By the time the food arrived we were all starved out and tired, but we ate and got ready for the next adventure…

Da Da Da Da the gentleman’s club (otherly known as the strip club) this has to be one of the highlight of the night along side go-karting obviously). We went to Platinum Lace strip club, I mean I’ve never been to a place like that before ever! So this was definitely an interesting experience. The place had a few good looking ladies in it, but still don’t understand why men go there, I for one wouldn’t want to see my man in a place like that.

The night ended at Shoosh a dance club located at the beach front (great place), we had a VIP table booked for us with plenty of alcohol and mixers (the more the merrier I say). The clubbing scene wasn’t my thing so I left with OndoLady, we strolled along the beach front which was beautiful as we saw many other Hen/Stag parties going on, I see why Brighton is considered the Stag Capital.

It was an interesting weekend! It was good to experience first hand what the men get up to when the ladies aren’t around.

What would be your ideal Hen/Stag Night?

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