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Breaking Bad Friday with Heisenberg FT. Smirnoff Gold: OOTD

This is a “late post”, it was meant to be posted on friday but I got carried away as it was the beginning of the weekend and I let loose (much needed one). To be fair it as been a long and rough week for me with work and all, so having one or two drink was much needed. I must say I had plenty of fun!  So heres the “late post” as it was ‘Dress down day’ on Friday, I thought what a better day to wear my Breaking Bad – Heisenberg tee from AllPoster that arrived on thursday (talk about prefect timing). I’m a big fan of Breaking Bad and not finding anything on Tv as interesting enough to spend my time on like I did on Breaking Bad is really bad. So I thought why not get yourself  something! something that will remind me of good Tv and something that will help me cope with my Breaking Bad withdrawal symptoms…IMG_0708IMG_0710IMG_0713IMG_0736IMG_0738IMG_0759

Outfit Detail 

Breaking Bad -Heisenberg T-Shirt – AllPoster

Glossy Nylon High-Waist Leggings – American Appeal

Chelsea Boot – Gap

Accessories (chain & bracelet) – New Look

Watch – Fossil

Smifnoff Gold – Tesco, Asda, corner shop (Drink Responsibly)


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