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Let’s Get Physical with Apricot Life

My love for food is to the moon and back so my weight has always been a constant battle. Like… can I just eat whatever I want, whenever without worrying about gaining weight.  I’ve always been a curvy girl, never the one with a flat belly. I now know I’ll never be that girl so I’ve stopped trying to be. I love my little bulge. In a way, it makes me different from everyone.

In this day and age of “Instagram models” where everyone wants to look tall and skinny.
I’ve always been into fitness, not to look skinny, but to stay fit and toned so I am always in and out of the gym. My biggest problem though is consistency.  I rarely get the result I want due to this. Even when I was paying £68 per month at Virgin Active on a 12 months contract, I still couldn’t be consistent. I stay dedicated for about 3-4 weeks before falling off the wagon at the first sign of results.

I’ve always wanted to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into my lifestyle because when I feel right, I look great (if I do say so myself). At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to try to stay CONSISTENT. Try to follow through with my fitness regime and hopefully get some tremendous result that will end up becoming a lifestyle.

The thing that gets me motivated and keeps me happy is athleisure! There’s just something about Lycra and other stretchy material that zaps me into workout mode. I am always on the lookout for new workout gear that’s why when I got my hands on Apricot’s new activewear range, I was beyond happy to do so.

Unlike some athleisure collection, Apricot Life manages to combine style and substance. This Black and Pink Panel Zip Pocket Leggings is what dreams are made of. Paired with Apricots Life Black Slouchy Cowl Collar Sweat Top.

The quick dry fabric means sweater disappears in an instant to avoid embarrassing sweat patches. Products from the Apricot Life range are very reasonable, prices ranging from £18 – £26 which I consider is affordable.

Check out Apricot Life new activewear range HERE

Fitness blogger wearing Apricot Life

Style blogger wear athleisure

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