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All I Want for Xmas…(As its 8Days to Xmas)

All I want for Xmas is not YOU…

Sorry to disappoint you sweets. I don’t want You for Xmas, but if I get any of the following for Xmas…I will be one Happy Girl 😁☺😊🙈.

Okay, here I start my list…

H2O Plus Marine Calm Hydrating Face Complex

I’ve been using the H2O plus Marine Calm Hydrating Face Complex for a month now and I must say I’m loving it! I can literally go out without make-up and still get compliments “omg! Your face is glowing!”,”your skin looks amazing” and I’m like “thank you thank you!” *blushing* ☺☺ it’s thanks to H2O Plus Marine Calm Hydrating Face Complex. So sweets, if you want me to keep getting compliments like that, you’ve got to get me another bottle. I NEED A REFILL!! 😁

photo 3


Paco Rabanne Lady Million

It’s apparently meant to make you “feel like a Million Dollars”  I want to smell/feel like a million dollar sweets…for YOU!

photo 1

Avon SuperShock Gel liner

I was introduced to the SupperShock Gel Liner by  Liz Pugh at the Avon press day, I really want them, as I am best known for my perfect eye liner drawing 🙂 they are so soft and easy to use. Great for the inner rim of the eye.


Celine Bag

Everytime I spot a Celine bag i get a bag-gasm, what more can a girl want more than a Fashionable, Big, and Trendy bag. Celine Bag is the perfect xmas gift. Celine bags can hold all that’s necessary should you plan to carry  the whole house with you.


Swatch DreamNight Rose

I’ve been eyeing this Watch up…I want it in White and Rose Gold. The chronograph face just tops it off!


Weekend Away in Paris

They say Paris is the place for love…lets go find love sweets. A weekend away in Paris will do just right, Paris is known to have iconic landmarks such as the Eiffle Tower which was originally built in 1889 as a temporary construction but remains standing till this day and is the ultimate symbol of Paris. I want to see the cathedral Notre Dame De Paris and  the Napolenoic Arc de Triomphe, and experience the world’s best food, as Paris is known to be the home of the finest foods and drinks in the world. We should seat face to face and take a sip of the Parisian coffee and have a taste of world famous Paris gourmet and pastries.

photo 4

COWHER” Biker Boot from Aldo

A perfect footwear for me to cruise round Paris…You want to embrace the rocker-chic look at its best? These multi-strap booties enhanced with studs and metallic details are exactly what  I need.

photo 5

Nike Air Max1 Safari

I heard it’s sold out everywhere due to popular demand, that just makes me want it more and more. I mean this kicks is just sex on the legs. I WANT IT!! P.S I’m a size 5

photo 2

Cannon DSLR Camera

This camera will be filled with pictures of Eiffel Tower and other landmarks which means I would be needing an extra memory card. A Cannon DSLR camera is a MUST HAVE!!



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