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A Life With a View

I was at the launch of a new fine home fragrances called A Life With A View on Thursday at The Ivy, the event was an afternoon tea party themed with cake, crust-free mini sandwiches, Rocky Mountains (chocolate brownie), and scones that was much-needed after a long and rather warm day in october (the good ol’ British weather).

A Life With A View has worked with the finest perfumers to create something wonderful to help you create the perfect view of wherever you’ve been or where you want to go, with every fragrance (candles and reed diffuser) starting with ‘A View of…’ I Love the idea behind the concept, to have images that are so evocative that translate into a preview that you can have in your room, office wherever you are and bring the outside into your room  and be reminded of this beautiful locations around the world I’m surprise no one has come with the idea already.IMG_0429
The collection 
The smell of Lavender is blended with blackcurrant and spearmint to bring freshness, whilst the herbal tones of rosemary lead beautifully to a warming blend of patchouli, cedar and amber woods. This fragrance conjure a perfect Provençal summer day.
The smell of jasmine and almonds blend with hints of citrus groves, whistle fig lends a gentle greenness of the scent, above soft notes of previous woods. The Villa is ideal to create a retreat to the azure skies of the Mediterranean.
This is ideal for men, it’s has a masculine feel to it. Woodsmoke against green notes of chamomile and thyme create an illusion of Central Park, whilst a glorious vase of roses blends with the warming comfort of cedar wood, sandalwood and vanilla.
A View of England  – The Cottage (second favourite)

It’s green, bright notes of rosemary and bergamot segue into a beautiful garden, filled with an enthralling bouquet of sweet pea, lilac and wisteria, atop a base of woods, amber and a hint of smoke. This creates a perfect impression of a rural retreat.
In each collection are  big size scented candle (£40), 3 set of travel scented candles (£50) and the reed diffuser (£49). The big scented candles burn for approximately 40hrs and the travel scented candles burn for approximately 15hrs, with the Reed diffuser to maximise the life of the reed diffuser it is recommended that you invert the reeds every 2 weeks (which I discovered on the day even though it says on very box of reed diffuser, I’m sure I’m not the only one that didn’t know🙈🙈) and it will last unto 6 months!. With christmas only 58 days away ‘A View of…’ will make a perfect heart warming gift from the person that loves the smell of floral, sweet, citrus  and masculine (The Loft) to the romantic at heart person that just love candles!
The team behind A Life With A View.

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