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99 Things That Makes Me Happy

  1. The Moon
  2. Music
  3. Food
  4. A good Hair Day (we all love that)
  5. Sponge Cake with fresh cream
  6. Buying lingeries
  7. A “Good-morning” text message
  8. Singing (i try with my crap voice)
  9. Heart-to-heart conversation with my closest friends or someone new
  10. Hearing his heartbeat
  11. My mother’s smile (priceless)
  12. Sophisticated black men
  13. Polite strangers
  14. Making people laugh
  15. fresh manuicure
  16. Skinny jeans (because i look good in ’em)
  17. 08/08
  18. Nicknames
  19. Dancing Azonto and Gangnam Style
  20. Bargains
  21. Watching people devoting their life to Jesus
  22. Creative photography (Sottu)
  23. Burning Scented Candles/ Scented oil
  24. Warm Apple Pie
  25. Partly cloudy day (perfect temperature)
  26. Inspiring/ encouraging someone to pursue their passion
  27. Learning random facts about the human body
  28. Long-term friendships that display growth (i have a lot of that)
  29. Seeing someone’s struggle comes to an end
  30. Sitting in a sauna after exercise
  31. Fingers in my hair
  32. Feeling clean and smelling nice
  33. My Brother
  34. My freckles (i get shy)
  35. Discount (typical)
  36. An iTune shuffle that reads my mind (perfect soundtrack to my mood)
  37. Instrumentals with predominately piano or strings (jazz)
  38. Afternoon Naps
  39. Night Drives
  40. Dogs
  41. Facial expressions from cartoons
  42. Friends
  43. Memories from the old house
  44. Flow
  45. Crossing things off of my “To-Do List”
  46. Sleeping in a hoodie, sweatpants, and socks without cover
  47. Red
  48. Inside Jokes
  49. Cute babies with chubby cheeks
  50. Wishing other people a lovely day
  51. Adrenalin rush from trying something new (love that feeling)
  52. Acoustic music
  53. Aquarium
  54. Sitting outside at night
  55. Watching choir singing gosple songs
  56. The care-free feeling between being drunk and being sober
  57. The infamous picture
  58. Brazilian buffet
  59. The beach
  60. Giving a great waiter/waitress a good tip
  61. Hear stories being people success (motivation)
  62. Hocus Pocus
  63. Downloading soundtracks
  64. My pillow, my bed and sheets
  65. Long, passionate kisses
  66. When people cry from opening a gift that they really wanted
  67. Bubble baths
  68. watch my piggy bank grow
  69. Signs from God
  70. Talking to him before i go to sleep
  71. New love/ Old love
  72. Seasoned love
  73. Jewellery
  74. Summer breeze during summer nights
  75. High-speed connection on my phone and interent
  76. Laughing with my Dad
  77. Speeding
  78. Shoes that fits comfortably
  79. Curly hair
  80. The sunrise
  81. Guys with strong forearms
  82. Talking about business
  83. Smiling back at a stranger who smiles first
  84. A fresh hair cut
  85. When my ears get cleaned out by the fancy machine at the doctors office
  86. Weddings
  87. Catching the “it is”
  88. A comfy blanket and a papasan chair
  89. Waking up to an inbox full of messages
  90. New pair of shoes
  91. The smell of Leather
  92. Playground (big kid)
  93. Flowers (lilies)
  94. Airports
  95. Eating a whole tub of Haagen Dazs
  96. Marathons of my favourite shows
  97. Haribo
  98. Traveling
  99. Fashion

Hope y’all have a Happy Sunday


Merry Christmas


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    lamide fagbemiro
    December 24, 2012 at 9:06 am

    Hi tee! Those are some of my fav things as well(if not all)….kick ass blog! Xxx

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